paśuḥ पशुः

Definition: पशुः [सर्वमविशेषेण पश्यति, दृश्-कु पशादेशः] 1 Cattle (both singly and collectively); प्रजापतिर्हि वैश्याय सृष्ट्वा परिददे पशून् Ms.9.327,331. -2 An animal in general; a being; सर्वथा यत् पशून् पाति तैश्च यद् रमते पुनः तेषामधिपतिर्यच्च तस्मात् पशुपतिः स्मृतः ॥ Mb.7.22.123. -3 A sacrificial animal, such as a goat; an oblation, a victim. -4 A brute, beast; often added to words meaning 'man' to show contempt; a fool; भूतानि चात्मन्यपृथग्दिदृक्षतां प्रायेण रोषो$भिभवेद् यथा पशुम् Bhāg.4.6.46; पुरुषपशोश्च पशोश्च को विशेषः H.1; cf. नृपशु, नरपशु &c. -5 Name of a subordinate deity and one of Śiva's followers. -6 An uninitiated person. -7 The soul, the Supreme Spirit. -8 A sacrifice in which an animal is killed. -9 Fire. -Comp. -अवदानम् a sacrifice of animals. -एकत्वन्यायः the rule that the number is intended to be expressed and enjoined when the sense conveyed by the verb forms the principle matter of a sentence. Thus पशुमालभते means एकत्वपुंस्त्वविशिष्टं पशु- मालभते. This न्याय is established by जैमिनि in MS.4.1. 11-16 and 17 an explained by शबर in his भाष्य thereon discussing the text पशुमालभते. (This न्याय is to be contrasted with ग्रहैकत्वन्याय where the लिङ्ग and वचन are अविवक्षित q. v.). -कर्मन, क्रिया 1 the act of animalsacrifice. -2 copulation. -Comp. -गायत्री a Mantra whispered into the ear of an animal which is about to be sacrificed; it is a parody of the celebrated Gāyatrī q. v.; पशुपाशाय विद्महे शिरश्छेदाय (विश्वकर्मणे) धीमहि । तन्नो जीवः प्रचोदयात्. -घातः slaughter of animals for sacrifice. -घ्न a. slaughtering cattle; वृथापशुध्नः प्राप्नोति प्रेत्य जन्मनि जन्मनि Ms.5.38. -चर्या copulation. -देवता the deity to whom an animal is offered. -धर्मः 1 the nature or characteristics of cattle. -2 treatment of cattle. -3 promiscuous cohabitation; अयं (नियोगः) द्विजैर्हि विद्वद्भिः पशुधर्मो विगर्हितः Ms.9.66. -4 the marrying of widows. -नाथः an epithet of Śiva. -पः a herdsman. -पतिः 1 an epithet of Śiva; Me.38,58; पशुपतिरपि तान्यहानि कृच्छ्रादगमयदद्रिसुतासमा- गमोत्कः Ku.6.95. कस्त्वं ? शूली,.........पशुपतिर्नैव दृश्ये विषाणे Subhāṣ. -2 a herdsman, owner of cattle. -3 Name of a philosopher who taught the philosophical doctrine called पाशुपत; see Sarva. S. ad loc. -पालः, -पालकः a herdsman. पालनम्, -रक्षणम् the tending or rearing of cattle -पाशः 1 the cord with which the sacrificial animal is bound. -2 an animal sacrifice. -3 the bonds which enchain the individual soul, the world of sense. -पाश- कम् kind of coitus or mode of sexual enjoyment; स्त्रियमानतपूर्वाङ्गीं स्वपादान्तःपदद्वयम् । ऊर्ध्वांशेन रमेत् कामी बन्धो$यं पशुपाशकः ॥ Ratimañjarī. -प्रेरणम् the driving of cattle. -बन्धः an animal-sacrifice. -बन्धकः a rope for tethering cattle. -मतम् an erroneous or false doctrine. -मारम् ind. according to the manner of slaughtering animals; निष्पिष्यैनं बलाद्भूमौ पशुमारममारयत् Mb.1.154.3; Bhāg. 4.13.41; इष्टिपशुमारं मारितः Ś.6. -यज्ञः, -यागः, -द्रव्यम् an animal-sacrifice. -रज्जुः f. a cord for tethering cattle. -राजः a lion. -लोहितपः a fly. -ष a. Ved. giving cattle. -समाम्नायः a collection of names for animals. -संभवः a. produced by animals (as flesh, honey, butter, etc.); Ms.8.328. -हव्यम् an animal sacrifice; Ms.4.28.

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