pāvaka पावक

Definition: पावक a. [पू-ण्वुल्] Purifying; पन्थानं पावकं हित्वा जनको मौढ्यमास्थितः Mb.12.18.4. -कः 1 Fire; पावकस्य महिमा स गण्यते कक्षवज्ज्ज्वलति सागरे$पि यः R.11.75;3.9;16.87. -2 Agni or the god of fire. -3 The fire of lightning. -4 The Chitraka tree. -5 The number 'three'. -6 A person purified by religious abstraction, saint, sage. -7 Good conduct or behaviour. -8 Name of Varuṇa. -की 1 The wife of Agni. -2 Ved. Name of Sarasvatī. -Comp. -अरणिः an epithet of a plant called अग्निमन्य (Mar. थोर ऐरण). -अर्चिस् f. a flash of fire. -अस्त्रम् a fiery weapon; प्रशान्तमेव पावकास्त्रम् U.6.5/6. -आत्मजः 1 an epithet of Kārtikeya. -2 Name of a sage called सुदर्शन who married the daughter of Duryodhana of the Ikṣvāku family. -मणिः m. The Sūryakānta Maṇi. -शिखः (= अग्निशिखः) Saffron; Śiva B.3.19.

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