pārvatī पार्वती

Definition: पार्वती [पर्वतस्यापत्यं स्त्री अण्] 1 Name of Durgā, born as the daughter of the Himālaya mountain (she was Satī in her former birth; cf Ku.1.21); तां पार्वतीत्याभि- जनेन नाम्ना बन्धुप्रियां बन्धुजनो जुहाव Ku.1.26. -2 A female cowherd. -3 An epithet of Draupadī. -4 A mountain stream. -5 A kind of fragrant earth. -Comp. -नन्दनः 1 an epithet of Kārtikeya. -2 of Gaṇeśa. -नेत्रः (In music) a kind of measure.

Dictionary: Apte
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