pārigrāmika पारिग्रामिक

Definition: पारिग्रामिक a. (-की f.) Situated round a village; P.VI.3.61.पारिजातः pārijātḥ पारिजातकः pārijātakḥपारिजातः पारिजातकः [पारमस्यास्तीति पारी समुद्रस्तत्र जातः, तस्य समुद्रोत्पन्नत्वात्] 1 Name of one of the five trees of Paradise, Nictanthus arbor-tristis (said to have been produced at the churning of the ocean and come into the possession of Indra, from whom it was wrested by Kṛiṣṇa and planted in the garden of his beloved Satyabhāmā), कल्पद्रुमाणामिव पारिजातः R.6.6;1.11;17.7; पञ्चैते देवतरवो मन्दारः पारिजातकः Ak. -2 The coral tree. -3 Fragrance. -Comp. -पुष्पकः A variety of gems. Kau. A.2.11.29.

Dictionary: Apte
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