pūraṇa पूरण

Definition: पूरण a. (-णी f.) [पूर्-कर्तरि ल्यु] 1 Filling up, completing. -2 Ordinal (as applied to numbers) (द्वितीय, तृतीय &c.); न पूरणी तं समुपैति संख्या Ki.3.51. -3 Satisfying. -4 Drawing (as a bow). -णः 1 A bridge, dam, causeway. -2 The ocean. -3 The Śālmali tree. -4 A kind of medicinal oil (विष्णुतैलम्). -णी 1 An epithet of Durgā. -2 The silk-cotton tree. -णम् 1 Filling -2 Filling up, completing; कुम्भपूरणभवः पटुरुच्चैरुच्चचार निनदो$ म्भसि तस्याः R.9.73. -3 Puffing or swelling. -4 Fulfilling accomplishing. -5 A sort of cake. -6 A funeral cake. -7 Rain, raining. -8 Warp. -9 Multiplication (in math.). -1 Injection of fluids (in Medic.) -11 Drawing, bending (as a bow). -12 Decorating, adorning. -Comp. -प्रत्ययः an affix forming an ordinal number.

Dictionary: Apte
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