pārṣada parṣadi bhavaṃ pārṣadam पार्षद पर्षदि भवं पार्षदम्

Definition: lit. the interpretation or theory discussed and settled at the assembly of the learned. The word is used in the sense of works on Nirukti or derivation of words as also works of the type of the Prātiśākhyās; cf. पदप्रकृतीनि सर्वचरणानां पार्षदानि Nir. I. 17 and the com. of, दुर्गाचार्यः cf. also पार्षदकृतिरेषा तत्रभवतां नैव लोके नान्यस्मिन्वेदे अर्ध एकारः अर्ध ओकारो वास्ति M. Bh. on I. 1. 48: see also pp. 104, 105 Vol. VII Mahābhāsya D. E. Society's edition. See पारिषद.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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