pācana पाचन

Definition: पाचन a. (-नी f.) [पाचयति कर्तरि ल्युः पाच्यते$नेन करणे ल्युट् वा] 1 Cooking. -2 Ripening. -3 Digestive. -4 Softening, relaxing. -5 Suppurative. -नः 1 Fire. -2 Sourness, acidity. -नम् 1 The act of cooking. -2 The act of ripening. -3 A dissolvent, digestive medicine. -4 Causing a wound to close. -5 Penance, expiation (प्रायश्चित्त). -6 Infusion. -7 Decoction. -8 Extracting extraneous substances from a wound. -9 A cataplasm. -1 A substance used in closing wounds or restraining bleeding.

Dictionary: Apte
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