pāṣāṇaḥ पाषाणः

Definition: पाषाणः [पिनष्टि पिष् संचूर्णने आनच् पृषो˚ Tv.] A stone. -णी 1 A small stone used as a weight. -2 A spear. -Comp. -गर्दभः a hard swelling on the maxillary joint. -चतुर्दशी Name of a festival on the 14th day of the month of Mārgaśīrṣa, when the sun is in the वृश्चिकराशि, in honour of Gaurī. In this festival sweet balls shaped like a पाषाण are prepared. -दारकः, -दारणः a stonecutter's chisel. -शीला a flat stone. -सन्धिः a cave or chasm in a rock. -हृदय a. stonehearted, cruel, relentless.

Dictionary: Apte
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