nivedana निवेदन

Definition: a. announcing, making known; n. communication, announcement; of fering; -vedin, a. announcing, making known; offering (--°ree;); -vedya, fp. to be reported; n. offering of food to an idol; -vesá, m. enter ing into; settling; encampment, camp; habi tation, residence; settling down, marriage, matrimony; foundation (of a city); building, edifice; impression, mark; -vésana, a. (î) entering into (--°ree;); laying to rest; sheltering; n. entrance; setting down; introduction, ap plication; causing to encamp; settling down, marrying; resting-place, bed, lair, nest; home, abode, dwelling; -vesanîya, fp. to be put down; -vesayitavya, fp. to be placed; -vesa vat, a. lying on (--°ree;); -vesin, a. lying near, being in, resting or based on (--°ree;).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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