nivartana निवर्तन

Definition: निवर्तन a. 1 Causing to return. -2 Turning back, ceasing. -नम् 1 Returning, turning or coming back, return; इह हि पततां नास्त्यालम्बो न चापि निवर्तनम् Śānti.3.2. -2 Not happening, ceasing. -3 Desisting or abstaining from (with abl.) -4 Desisting from work, inactivity (opp. प्रवर्तन); Kām.1.28. -5 Bringing back; Amaru. 84. -6 Repenting, a desire to improve. -7 A measure of land (2 rods). -8 Averting, keeping back from (with abl.) विनिपातनिवर्तनक्षमम् Ki.2.13.

Dictionary: Apte
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