nisṛṣṭa निसृष्ट

Definition: निसृष्ट p. p. 1 Delivered, given, bestowed. -2 Abandoned, left. -3 Dismissed. -4 Permitted, allowed. -5 Central, middle. -6 Kindled (as fire). -Comp. -अर्थ a. to whom the management of an affair is entrusted; उभयोर्भावमुन्नीय स्वयं वदति चोत्तरम् । संदिष्टः कुरुते कर्म निसृष्टार्थः स उच्यते ॥ (-र्थः) 1 an envoy, ambassador. -3 a messenger, an agent; see S. D.86,87. ˚दूती a female who, having discovered the love of a youth and maiden for each other, brings about their union of her own accord; तन्निपुणं निसृष्टार्थदूतीकल्पः सूत्रयितव्यः Māl.1; (where Jagaddhara explains निसृष्टार्थदूती by नायिकाया नायकस्य वा मनोरथं ज्ञात्वा स्वमत्या कार्यं साधयति या).

Dictionary: Apte
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