nirhṛ निर्हृ

Definition: P. A1. -harati-, te-, to take out or off, draw or pull out, extract from (ablative), expel, remove, destroy etc. ; to export (goods) ; to carry out (a dead body) ; to let (blood) ; to purge ; (A1.) to exclude or deliver from (ablative) ; to shake off, get rid of (accusative) etc. ; to change or interchange (clothes) ; to fix ; to get, receive : Causal -hārayati-, to cause (a dead body) to be carried out on : Desiderative -jihīrṣati-, to wish to take off or subtract (see nir-jihīrṣu-).

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., Mn., ib., Ya1jn5., Sus3r., ib., TS., S3Br., A1past., MBh., Ka1v., Mn. viii , 396, S3ulbas., SaddhP., Kull., Mn. v , 104, S3ulbas.
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