nirgam निर्गम्

Definition: P. -gacchati- (subjunctive -gamāṇi- perfect tense parasmE-pada -jaganvān- ; ind.p. -gatya- etc., -gamya- ), to go out, come forth (often with bahis-), depart from (ablative), set out, start etc. ; to come out or appear (as a bud) ; to go away, disappear ; to enter into any state, undergo (accusative) ; (with nidrām-) to fall asleep : Causal -gamayati-, to cause or order to set out : Desiderative -jigamiṣate-, to wish to set out

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., MBh., Ma1rkP., RV., S3ak., Ra1jat., Pan5c., MBh., Katha1s., BhP., ib.
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