nirbhaya निर्भय

Definition: a. fearless; not afraid of (--°ree;); secure: -m, ad. fearlessly; m. Name of a warrior; n. security; -bhara, a. vehement, ardent; excessive; deep (sleep); full of (--°ree;): -m or °ree;--, ardently, excessively, soundly, fast; -bhartsana, n. menace, reproach; -bhas mita, pp. burned to ashes, annihilated; -bhâgya, pp. to be excluded from his share (ab.); -bhî-ka, a. fearless, not afraid of (ab.); -bhîta, pp. id.; -bheda,m. cracking, burst ing; splitting; blurting out, betrayal; -bhed in, a. cleaving, shattering; -bhedya, fp. free from chinks; missing its mark.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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