niravakāśa निरवकाश

Definition: possessed of no scope of, or occasion for, application; the word अनवकाश is also used in this sense. The niravakasa rules always set aside the general rules which are always present wherever they i. e. the niravakasa rules are possible to be applied. Niravakasatva is looked upon as one of the two criteria for बाध or sublation, the other one being सामान्यविशेषभाव as illustrated by the usual maxim, known as तक्रकौण्डिन्यन्याय. See तक्रकौण्डिन्यन्याय; cf. also अनवकाशा हि विधयो बाधका भवन्ति Par. Sek. on Pari. 64.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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