nipatana निपतन

Definition: n. falling; flying, flight; -pâta, m. fall; descent; cast (of a look); fall ing from (ab.) on (--°ree;); alighting (of a bird); fall (fig.); assault, attack; death; incidental mention; irregularity (gr.); particle (gr.); -pâtana, n. causing to fall or descend; falling down; flying down (of a bird); beating, striking; destroying, killing; incidental men tion, esp. of an irregular or rare form (gr.): -pratîkâra, m. repelling of assaults; -pâtin, a. falling down; dropping; alighting, on (--°ree;); striking down, destroying, consuming; -pâdá, m. lowland, valley; -pâna, n. drinking; trough; trench, tank, pool: -vat, a. abound ing in pools, -saras, n.drinking-pool.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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