nimajj निमज्ज्

Definition: P. A1. -majjati-, te- (parasmE-pada -majjat-and jjamāna- ; perfect tense -mamajja- ; future -majjiṣyati- ; -maṅkṣye-,Ait.Br.; Aorist -amāṅkṣīt- ; -majjīḥ- ), to sink down, dive, sink or plunge or penetrate into, bathe in (locative case) etc. ; to sink in its cavity (the eye) ; to disappear, perish etc. ; to immerse or submerge in water, cause to sink or perish : Causal -majjayati-, to cause to dive under water ; (with samare-, saṃgrāme-etc.) to cause to penetrate into a battle, lead into the thick of a fight