nigamanam निगमनम्

Definition: निगमनम् 1 Quotation of a word from the Veda or the word so quoted. -2 (In logic) The conclusion in a syllogism, a deduction (the fifth member of the fivemembered Indian syllogism); निगमनं च प्रतिज्ञाया हेतोश्च पुनर्वचनम् ŚB. on MS.7.1.12. -3 Going in or into. -4 End, conclusion; इत्येवमुपक्रम्य निगमने इदं श्रूयते । ŚB. on MS.3.3.2. -Comp. -सूत्रम् The aphorism which forms the निगमन; इदं निगमनसूत्रम् ŚB. on MS.7.1.12.

Dictionary: Apte
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