nigama निगम

Definition: a statement in the Vedic passage; a Vedic passage; sacred tradition or Vedic Literature in general; cf. the frequent expression इत्यपि निगमो भवति where निगम means 'a vedic word, given as an instance'; if also means 'Veda'; cf. निगम एव यथा स्यात् । M. Bh. on VII. 2. 64. Durgacarya says that the word it also used in the sense of 'meaning';cf. तत्र खले इत्येतस्य निगमा भवन्ति Nir. III.9. Durgacarya has also explained the word as गमयन्ति मन्त्रार्थान् ज्ञापयन्ति इति निगमाः, those that make the hidden meaning of the Mantras very clear.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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