nidhiḥ निधिः

Definition: निधिः [नि-धा-आधारे कि] 1 Abode, receptacle, reservoir; जल˚, तोय˚, तपोनिधि &c. -2 A store-house, treasury. -3 A treasure, store, hoard (for the nine treasures of Kubera, see नवनिधि). -4 The ocean. -5 An epithet of Viṣṇu. -6 A man endowed with many good qualities. -7 the science of chronology; Ch. Up.7.2.1. -Comp. -ईशः, नाथः an epithet of Kubera; Bhāg.1.5.56. -वादः the art of finding treasure. -वासः the town of Newāsā on the Pravarā river in the Ahmednagar District; Cf. निधिवासकर-परमा- नन्द-प्रकाशितायां... संहितायां ......। Colophon of Śiva. B.2.

Dictionary: Apte
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