nema नेम

Definition: नेम a. (Nom. pl. नेमे-नेमाः) 1 Half. -मः 1 A part. -2 A period, time, season. -3 A boundary, limit. -4 An enclosure, fence. -5 The foundation of a wall. -6 Fraud, deceit. -7 Evening. -8 A hole, ditch. -9 A root. -1 Acting, dancing. -11 Upper part. -12 Ved. Food. -Comp. -धित a. Ved. divided; विदन्मर्तो नेमघिता चिकित्वान् Rv.1.72.4 (see com.). -धितिः f. Ved. 1 battle, conflict. -2 dividing into two.

Dictionary: Apte
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