nati नति

Definition: lit.inclination, bending down; the word is used generally in the technical sense of 'cerebralization' but applied to the change of न् into ण् as also that of स् into ष्; cf. दन्त्यस्य मूर्धन्यापत्तिर्नतिः, V. Pr.I. 42. The root नम् is used in the sense of 'cerebralizing ' or 'being cerebralized' very frequently in the Pratisakhya works; e.g. the word नम्यते is used in the sense of 'is cerebralized'; नमयति in the sense of 'cerebralizes' and नामिंन् in the sense of 'causing cerebralization'; cf. ऋकारादयो दश नामिन: स्वराः, पूर्वो नन्ता नतिषु नम्यमुत्तरम् R. Pr. I. 27.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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