nakulaḥ नकुलः

Definition: नकुलः 1 The mungoose, an ichneumon; यदयं नकुलद्वेषी सकुलद्वेषी पुनः पिशुनः Vās. -2 Name of the fourth Pāṇḍava prince; the twin-brother of Sahadeva and a son of Mādr&imacr. अहं तस्य अतिशयितदिव्यरूपिणो नकुलस्य दर्शनेनोत्सुका जाता Ve.2 (where नकुल has really sense 1, but is taken in sense 2 by Duryodhana). -3 A son. -4 An epithet of Śiva. -5 Born of a base family; नकुलः पाण्डुतनये सर्पभुक् कुलहीनयोः Nm. -6 Name of a physician (author of a work on horses). -ली 1 A female mungoose. -2 Saffron. -Comp. -इष्टा, इष्टका a kind of medicinal plant (Mar. मुंगुस- वेल). -ईशः (-नकुलीश) 1 Name of a Bhairava living in the temple of Kālī. -2 A mode of worship in Tantraśāstra.

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