naimittika नैमित्तिक

Definition: नैमित्तिक a. (-की f.) 1 Produced by, connected with, or dependent on, any particular cause. -2 Unusual, occasional, accidental, produced by some cause (opp. नित्य). -कः An astrologer, prophet. -कम् 1 An effect (opp. निमित्त 'cause'); निमित्तनैमित्तिकयोरयं क्रमः Ś.7.3. -2 An occasional rite, a periodical ceremony, a conditional act, an act which is to be performed on the occurrence of a निमित्त; निमित्तप्राप्तौ च नैमित्तिकं कर्तव्यम् ŚB. on MS.12.1.18. -Comp. -कर्मन्, n.,) -क्रिया an occasional or periodical ceremony or rite. -लयः Name of a ब्राह्मलय occurring at the end of four thousand years, -श्राद्धम् a special funeral rite.

Dictionary: Apte
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