naiṣṭhika नैष्ठिक

Definition: नैष्ठिक a. (-की f.) 1 Final, last, concluding; विदधे विधिमस्य नैष्ठिकम् R.8.25. -2 Decided, definitive, conclusive (as a reply.); एषा नो नैष्ठिकी बुद्धिः Mb.1.37.29. -3 Fixed, firm, constant; शान्तिमाप्नोति नैष्ठिकीम् Bg.5.12; भक्तिर्भवति नैष्ठिकी Bhāg.1.2.18. -4 Highest, perfect; मोदेन वां कामसुखैर्मदाद् वा यो नैष्ठिकं श्रोष्यति नास्य धर्मम् Bu. Ch.1.82.-5 Completely familiar with or versed in. -6 Vowing perpetual abstinence and chastity. -7 Obligatory; न चैतन्नैष्ठिकं कर्म त्रयाणां भूरिदक्षिण Mb.12.63.23. -कः [निष्ठा मरणं तत्पर्यन्तं ब्रह्मचर्येण तिष्ठति तिष्ठति निष्ठा-ठक्] A perpetual religious student who continues with his spiritual precept or even after the prescribed period, and vows life-long abstinence and chastity; निवेदितो नैष्ठिकसुन्दरस्तया Ku.5.62; cf. नैष्ठिको ब्रह्मचारी तु वसेदाचार्यसंनिधौ Y.1.49 and उपकुर्वाण also.

Dictionary: Apte
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