na न

Definition: the consonant न् (see न् above) with the vowel added to it for facility of utterance, cf. T. Pr. I. 21; (2) tad. affix न added to words headed by पामन् in the sense of possession; e.g. पामनः, हेमनः etc., cf P. V. 2.100; (3) tad. affix न as found in the word ज्योत्स्ना derived from ज्योतिष्, cf P. V. 2.114; (4) unadi affix न as found in the word स्योनः; cf Kas. on P. VI.4.19; (5) the krt affix नङ् as also नन् prescribed after the roots यज्, याच्, यत्, विच्छ्, प्रच्छ्, रक्ष् and स्वप्, e g. यज्ञ:, याञ्चा, प्रश्नः etc., cf P. III. 3.90, 91; (6) the negative particle न given by Panini as नञ् and referred to in the same way, which (i.e. न.) when compounded with a following word is changed into अ or अन् or retained in rare cases as for instance in नभ्राट्, नासत्यौ, नक्षत्रम् etc. cf P. VI.3.73-75;(7) tad.affix न (नञ्) applied to the words स्त्री and पुंस् in senses given from P. IV. 1.92 to V. 2.1 e. g. स्त्रैणं, पौंस्नम् cf. IV. 1.87.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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