na न

Definition: न a. Thin, spare. -2 Vacant, empty. -3 Same, identical. -4 Unwearied. -5 Praised. -6 Undivided. -नः 1 A pearl. -2 Name of Gaṇeśa. -3 Wealth, prosperity. -4 A band, tie. -5 War. -6 Name of Buddha. -7 A gift. -ind. (a) A particle of negation equivalent to 'not', 'no', 'nor', 'neither', and used in wishing, पटुपटहध्वनिभिर्विनीतनिद्रः R.9.71. -4 The roar or thunder of a cloud. -5 A mere empty sound. -6 A word. -7 Hint, implied meaning. -8 (In Rhet.) The first and best of the three main divisions of काव्य or poetry, in which the implied or suggested sense of a passage is more striking than the expressed sense; or where the expressed sense is made subordinate to the suggested sense; इदमुत्तममतिशयिनि व्यङ्ग्ये वाच्याद् ध्वनिर्बुधैः कथितः K. P.1. (R. G. gives 5 kinds of ध्वनि; see under ध्वनि). -Comp. -ग्रहः 1 the ear. -2 hearing. -3 a fife, pipe. -नाला 1 A lute. -2 a flute. -3 a kind of drum; L. D. B. -विकारः a change of voice caused by fear, grief &c.; see काकु.

Dictionary: Apte
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