nārāyaṇaḥ नारायणः

Definition: नारायणः 1 An epithet of Viṣṇu; (the word is thus derived in Ms.1.1. आपो नारा इति प्रोक्ता आपो वै नरसूनवः । ता यदस्यायनं पूर्वं तेन नारायणः स्मृतः ॥) नारायणं नमस्कृत्य ...... ततो जयमुदीरयेत् Mb.1.1.1; नीरे नीरचरैः समं स भगवान् निद्राति नारायणः Jagannātha Paṇḍita. -2 Name of an ancient sage said to be a companion of Nara and to have produced Urvaśī from his thigh; cf. ऊरूद्भवा नरसखस्य मुनेः सुरस्त्रीV.1.3; see नरनारायण under नर also. -3 Name of the second month (reckoning from मार्गशीर्ष). -णी 1 An epithet of Lakṣmī the goddess of wealth. -2 An epithet of Durgā. -3 An epithet of Gaṅgā and Gaṇḍakī. -4 Name of a plant (Mar. शतावरी). -Comp. -अस्त्रम् Name of a missile. -उपनिषद् Name of an Upaniṣad. -प्रियः 1 Name of Śiva. -2 yellow sandal-wood. -बलिः an oblation given to five deities including नारायण in performing the funeral rites of a person dying a sinful death.

Dictionary: Apte
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