muktiḥ मुक्तिः

Definition: मुक्तिः f. [मुच्-क्तिन्] 1 Release, liberation, deliverance; स मुक्तिः सातिमुक्तिः Bṛi. Up.3.1.3. -2 Freedom, emancipation. -3 Final beatitude or emancipation, absolution of the soul from metempsychosis; अधिगत्य जगत्यधीश्वरादथ मुक्तिं पुरुषोत्तमात्ततः N.2.1. (where मुक्ति has sense 1 also). -4 Leaving, giving up, abandoning, avoiding; संसर्गमुक्तिः खलेषु Bh.2.62. -5 Throwing, hurling, letting off, discharging. -6 Unloosing, opening. -7 Discharge, paying off (as a debt). -Comp. -क्षेत्रम् 1 an epithet of Benaras. -2 a place where final emancipation is attainable. -पतिः lord of beatitude. -मार्गः the way to final beatitude. -मुक्तः frank-incense.

Dictionary: Apte
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