mukhanāsikāvacana मुखनासिकावचन

Definition: definition of अनुनासक, a letter which is pronounced through both-the mouth and the nose-as contrasted with नासिक्य a letter which is uttered only through the nose; e.g. ड्, ञ्, ण्, न्, म् and the nasalized vowels and nasalized य्, व् and ल्; cf. मुखनासिक्रावचनेीSनुनासिकः Paan. I. 1.8: cf. also अनुस्वारोत्तम अनुनासिकाः (T. Pr. II.30), where the fifth letters and the anusvaara are called anunaasika. According to Bhattoji, however, anusvaara cannot be anunaasika as it is pronounced through the nose alone, and not through both-the mouth and the nose. As the anusvaara is pronounced something like a nasalized ग् according to the Taittiriyas it is called a consonant in the Taittiriya Praatisaakhya: cf. ' अनुस्वारोप्युत्तमवह्यञ्जनमेव अस्मच्छाखायाम् ! अर्धगकाररूपत्वात् / Com. on T. Pr. II. 30.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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