mita मित

Definition: मित p. p. [मि मा-वा-क्त] 1 Measured, meted or measured out. -2 Measured off, bounded, defined. -3 Limited, measured, moderate, little, scanty, sparing, brief (words &c); पृष्टः सत्यं मितं ब्रूते स भृत्यो$र्हो महीभुजाम् Pt.1.87; R.9.34. -4 Measuring, of the measure of (at the end of comp.), as in ग्रहवसुकरिचन्द्रमिते वर्षे i. e. in 1889. -5 Investigated, examined. -6 Cast, thrown away. -7 Built. -8 Established, founded. -Comp. -अक्षर a. 1 brief, measured, short, concise; कथंचिदद्रेस्तनया मिताक्षरं चिरव्यवस्थापितवागभाषत Ku.5.63. -2 composed in verse, metrical. (-रा) Name of a celebrated commentary by Vijñāneśvara on Yājñavalkya's Smṛiti. -अर्थ a. of measured meaning. -अर्थकः a cautious envoy. -आहार a. sparing in diet. (-रः) moderation in eating. -द्रुः the sea. -भाषिन्, -वाच् a. speaking little or measured words; महीयांसः प्रकृत्या मितभाषिणः Śi.2.13. -भुक्त a. moderate in diet. -मति a. narrow-minded. -व्ययिन् a. frugal, economical.

Dictionary: Apte
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