mil मिल्

Definition: cl.6 P. A1. (;but see ) milati-, te- (perfect tense mimiluḥ- ; future miliṣyati- ; Aorist amelīt-, ameliṣṭa- grammar; ind.p. militvā-and -milya-, ), to meet (as friends or foes) , encounter, join, fall in with (instrumental case with or without saha-; dative case genitive case,or locative case), come together, assemble, concur etc.: Causal melayati- (or melāpayati-; see melāpaka-), to cause any one to meet any one else (genitive case), bring together, assemble

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. xxviii , 71 ; 135, Va1m. v , 2 , 2, Ka1v., Br., Ka1tha1s. , Ka1v., Katha1s., Ra1jat., Katha1s.
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