mantratattvavid मन्त्रतत्त्वविद्

Definition: a. know ing the essence of counsel, very experienced in counsel; -tas, ad. with regard to (the knowledge of) Vedic texts; -toya, n. water sanctified with incantations; -da, a.impart ing or teaching the Veda; giving advice; -darsin, a. knowing the sacred texts; -dâtri, m. teacher of the Veda; -dris, a. (seeing=) composing hymns; knowing the sacred texts; experienced in counsel; m. composer of hymns; counsellor; -devatâ, f. deity invoked in a sacred text; -drashtri, m. (seer=) composer of sacred texts; -dhara, -dhârin, m. coun sellor, adviser; -pattra, n. leaf inscribed with a sacred text; -pada, n. magic word;-pâtha, m. recitation of a sacred text; -pust ikâ, f. book of spells; -pûta, pp. purified by a sacred text; -prabhâva, m. power of a spell (Pr.); -prayoga, m. employment of a sacred text; magical agency, charm; -pha la, n.fruit or consequence of counsel; -bala, n. magical power; -bîga, n. (seed=) first syl lable of a spell; germ of counsel; -brâhma- na, n. du. the sacred hymns and the Brâh manas: -vid, a. knowing the sacred hymns and the Brâhmanas; -bheda, m. a particular spell: pl. various kinds of spells; breach of counsel, betrayal of a design; -maya, a. con sisting of spells; -mûrti, a. having a body consisting of spells (Siva); -mûla, a. rooted in counsel.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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