mantra मन्त्र

Definition: m. (n.) pious thought, prayer, hymn; Vedic hymn, sacred text; mystical verse, incantation, spell; consultation, reso lution, counsel, plan; secret design: -kara- na, n. Vedic text; -kârya, n. subject of con sultation; -kâla, m. time of consultation; -kusala, a. skilled in counsel; -krít, m. com poser of hymns; counsellor, adviser; ambas sador; -gandaka, m. kind of amulet; -gupta, m. N.; -gupti, f. keeping of counsel; -griha, n. chamber of deliberation; -gihva, m. fire; -gña, a. knowing the sacred texts; experienced in counsel; -gyeshtha, spv. having precedence according to knowledge of sacred texts.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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