mantr मन्त्र्

Definition: (properly a mantra-,), cl.10 A1. () mantr/ayate- (rarely P. ti-; subjunctive mantrayaithe-, te- ; Potential mantrayīta- ; infinitive mood mantrayitum- ), to speak, talk, say ; to deliberate, take counsel, consult with (instrumental case with or without saha-) or about (dative case) etc. ; to resolve upon, determine to (infinitive mood) ; to deliberate on, discuss (accusative) etc. ; to counsel, advise, propose any measure, give any one advice (with accusative of Persian,or with genitive case of Persian and accusative of thing) etc. ; to consecrate with sacred or magical texts, enchant with spells or charms

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. xxxiii , 6, Pa1n2. 3-4 , 95 Sch., MBh., Pan5cat., RV. i , 164 , 10, S3Br., MBh., Mn., MBh., MBh., Ka1v., MBh., R.
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