malla मल्ल

Definition: मल्ल a. [मल्ल्-अच्] 1 Strong, athletic, robust; Ki. 18.8. -2 Good, excellent. -ल्लः 1 A strong man. -2 An athlete, a boxer, wrestler; प्रभुर्मल्लो मल्लाय Mbh. -3 A drinking-vessel, cup. -4 The remnants of an oblation. -5 The cheek and temple. -6 Name of a mixed tribe (wrestlers) born of an outcast Kṣatriya by a Kṣatriya woman; झल्लो मल्लश्च राजन्याद् व्रात्यान्निच्छिविरेव च Ms. 1.22;12.45. -7 Name of a country. -मल्ला 1 A woman. -2 The Arabian jasmine. -3 Ornamenting the person with cosmetics or coloured unguents. -Comp. -अरिः1 an epithet of Kṛiṣṇa. -2 of Śiva. -क्रीडा 1 boxing or wrestling match. -2 athletic or gymnastic exercise. -घटी a kind of dance. -जम् black pepper. -नालः (in music) a kind of measure. -तूर्यम् a kind of drum. -नागः 1 Indra's elephant. -2 a letter-carrier. -3 Name of वात्स्यायन, the author of कामसूत्र. -भूः, -भूमिः f. 1 a battlefield. -2 an arena, a wrestling ground. -3 Name of a country. -यात्रा 1 a procession of wrestlers. -2 a wrestling contest; L. D. B. -युद्धम् a wrestling or boxing match, pugilistic encounter. -विद्या the art of wrestling. -शाला a gymnasium.

Dictionary: Apte
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