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Definition: मल a. [मृज्यते शोध्यते मृज्-कल टिलोपः Tv.] 1 Dirty, foul; आमिषं यच्च पूर्वेषां राजसं च मलं भृशम् Rām.7.74.16. -2 Mean, covetous. -3 Unbelieving, infidel, godless. -4 Wicked. -लः, -लम् 1 Dirt, filth, impurity, dust, any impure matter; मलदायकाः खलाः K.2; छाया न मूर्छति मलोपहतप्रसादे शुद्धे तु दर्पणतले सुलभावकाशा Ś.7.32. -2 Dregs, refuse, sediment, excrement, feces, dung. -3 Dross (of metals), rust, alloy. -4 Moral taint or impurity, sin; फलैधःकुसुमस्तेयमधैर्यं च मलावहम् Ms.11.7. -5 Any impure secretion of the body; (according to Manu these excretions are twelve:-- वसा शुक्रमसृङ् मज्जा मूत्रविड् घ्राणकर्णविट् । श्लेष्माश्रुदूषिका स्वेदो द्वादशैते नृणां मलाः Ms.5.135). -6 Camphor. -7 Cuttle-fish bone. -8 Tanned leather; a leather-garment. -9 The three humours of the body (वात, पित्त and कफ). -लम् A kind of base metal. -Comp. -अपकर्षणम् 1 removing the dirt, purification. -2 removal of sin. -अपहा 1 a particular preparation. -2 Name of a river; नन्दिनी नलिनी सीता मालती च मलापहा. -अयनम् the rectum. -अरिः a kind of natron. -अव- रोधः constipation of the bowels. -आकर्षिन् m. a sweeper, a scavenger. -आभ a. dirty-looking. -आवाह a. 1 causing dirt, dirtying, soiling. -2 defiling, polluting; Ms.11.7. -आशयः the stomach; bowels. -उद्भवम् the rust of iron (मण्डूर). -उत्सर्गः evacuation of the feces, voiding the excrement. -उद्वासा a woman who has put off her soiled clothes. -उपहत a. soiled, tarnished with dirt; Ś7.32. -कर्षण a. cleansing. -घ्न a. cleansing, detergent. (-घ्नः) the bulbous root of शाल्मली. (-घ्नी) Name of a plant (नागदमनी). -जम् pus, matter. -दूषित a. dirty, foul, soiled. -द्रवः purging, diarrhœa. -द्राविन् a. purging. (-m. the Jayapāla tree. -धात्री a nurse who attends to a child's necessities. -धारिन् m. a religious mendicant of the Jaina sect. -पङ्किन् a. covered with dust and mire; निराहारा कृशा रुक्षा जटिला मलपङ्किनी Mb.5.186. 2. -पूः (यूः) Ficus Oppositifolia (Mar. काळा किंवा धेड- उंबर). -पृष्ठम् the first (or outer) page of a book.-भुज् m. a crow. -मल्लकः a strip of cloth covering the privities (कौपीन); Dk.2.2. -मासः an intercalary month (so called because during that month religious ceremonies are not performed); 'अमावास्याद्वयं यत्र रवि- संक्रान्तिवर्जितम् । मलमासः स विज्ञेयः...' -मूत्रपरित्यागः evacuation of feces and urine. -वासस् f. a woman in her courses. -विशोधन a. cleansing away filth. -विष्टम्भः constipation. -विसर्गः, -विसर्जनम्, -शुद्धिः f. evacuation of the bowels. -हन्तृ m. = मलघ्नः. -हारक a. removing dirt or sin.

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