mala मल

Definition: n., C. also m., dirt, filth, impurity (also morally); bodily secretion; n. kind of base metal, brass (?): -karshana, a. remov ing dirt; -gñu, a. dirty-kneed; -tva, n. being a stain; -dâyaka, a. attaching a stigma to any one; -digdha½a&ndot;ga, a. (î) having the body soiled with mire; -pa&ndot;ka½anulipta½a&ndot; ga, a. (î) having the body besmeared with dirt and mire; -pa&ndot;kin, a. covered with dirt and mire; -mallaka, n. loin-cloth; -mâsa, m. (impure month, no religious rites being performed in it), intercalary month; -mûtra-parityâga, m. evacuation of excre ment and urine.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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