mahat महत्

Definition: a. [old pr. pt. of √ mah: strong base mahânt; °ree;-almost invariably mahâ, q. v.; in E. ac. n. sg. is sts. used for ac. m.] great; 1. in space: large, big, huge, extensive; high (tree); deep; long (distance); full-grown; gross (element); 2. of time: long; advanced (time of day); 3. of quantity: abundant, ample, copious, numerous; 4. of degree: considerable, important, momentous; high (price); valuable (fee); intense (emo tion), violent (pain); thick (darkness); loud (sound); 5. of rank: high, lofty, eminent, powerful, distinguished, noble; w. gana, m. multitude of people; w. âtman, m. the great soul=intellect; m. great, eminent,or noble man; m. (sc. âtman), n. (rare, sc. tattva), in tellect; n. great thing; important matter; greatness, power; greater part; also ad. in mahad-bhû, become full (moon).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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