mahācakra महाचक्र

Definition: n. large wheel or discus; -kakravart-in, m. great emperor, universal monarch: (-i)-tâ, f. dignity of a great emperor; -katura-ka, m. (very crafty), Name of a jackal; -kamû, f. great army;-kar yâ, f. the great course of life (i.e. that of a Bodhisattva): -m grah, enter upon the life of a Bodhisattva; -½akala, m. great moun tain; -½âkârya, m. great teacher (Siva); -½agá, m. great he-goat; -gata, a. wearing large braids of hair (Siva); -gatru, a. having a large collar-bone (Siva); -gana, m. sg. (pl.) many people, multitude of men, crowd, popu lace, the people; great or distinguished man or men; a. occupied by many people (house): -virodha, m. hostility of many people or creatures; -gava, a. very swift (horse, arrow); -gihva, a. long-tongued (Siva); -gñânin, a. knowing much (Siva); m. great soothsayer; -gyotis, a. having great lustre (Siva); -gvara, m. great distress; -½atavî, f. great forest; -½âdhya, a. very rich.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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