madguḥ मद्गुः

Definition: मद्गुः [मस्ज्-उ न्यक्वा˚; cf. Uṇ.1.7] 1 A kind of aquatic bird, a cormorant or driver; मांसं गृधो वपां मद्गुः (भवति) Ms.12.63. -2 A kind of snake. -3 A kind of wild animal. -4 A kind of galley or vessel of war; को$पि मद्गुरभ्यधावत् Dk. -5 Name of a degraded mixed tribe, the offspring of a Brāhmaṇa by a woman of the bard class; see Ms.1.48. -6 An outcast.

Dictionary: Apte
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