maṅgala मङ्गल

Definition: मङ्गल a. [मङ्ग्-अलच्; Uṇ.5.7] 1 Auspicious, lucky, propitious, fortunate; मङ्गलदिवसः, मङ्गलवृषभः &c. -2 Prosperous, doing or faring well. -3 Brave. -लम् 1 (a) Auspiciousness, propitiousness; जनकानां रघूणां च यत् कृत्स्नं गोत्रमङ्गलम् U.6.42; R.6.9;1.67. (b) Happiness, good luck or fortune, bliss, felicity; भद्रं भद्रं वितर भगवन् भूयसे मङ्गलाय Māl.1.3; U.3.48. (c) Wellbeing, welfare, good; सङ्गः सतां किमु न मङ्गलमातनोति Bv. 1.122; (also m. in these senses). -2 A good omen, anything tending to an auspicious issue. -3 A blessing, benediction. -4 An auspicious or lucky object. -5 An auspicious occasion or event, a festivity. -6 Any solemn or auspicious ceremony or rite (such as marriage). -7 Any ancient custom. -8 Turmeric. -9 (In music) A particular composition. -लः 1 The planet Mars. -2 Name of Agni. -ला, -ली 1 A faithful wife -2 Dūrvā grass. -3 Name of Durgā. -Comp. -अक्षताः (m. pl.) rice thrown over persons by Brāhmaṇas when pronouncing blessings. -अगरु n. a variety of sandal. -अयनम् the way to happiness or prosperity; परममङ्गलायनगुणकथनो$सि Bhāg.5.3.11. -अलंकृत a. decorated with auspicious ornaments; आददे वचसामन्ते मङ्गलालंकृतां सुताम् Ku.6.87; M.1.14. -अष्टकम् a benedictory verse or verses repeated by priests over a youth and maiden, when being married, to promote their good luck. -अह्निकम् 1 any daily religious rite performed for good luck. -2 a vase full of water carried in front of a procession. -आचरणम् 1 an auspicious introduction in the form of a prayer (for the attainment of success) at the beginning of any undertaking or of any work of composition. -2 pronouncing a blessing. -आचारः 1 an auspicious or pious ceremony or usage. -2 a benediction, pronouncing a blessing. -3 (in music) a particular composition. -आतोद्यम् a drum beaten on festive occasions. -आदेशवृत्तिः a fortune-teller; Ms.9.258. -आरम्भः an epithet of Gaṇeśa. -आलम्भनम् touching anything auspicious. -आलयः, -आवासः a temple. -आवह a. auspicions. -इच्छा benediction, felicitation. -इच्छु a. desirous of happiness or prosperity. -करणम् repeating a prayer for the success of any undertaking. -कलशः a vessel used at festivals. -कारक, -कारिन् a. auspicious. -कार्यम् any festive occasion, a religious or auspicious ceremony. -कालः an auspicious occasion; Ś.4. -क्षौमम् a silken cloth worn on occasions of festivity; दधतो मङ्गलक्षौमे वसानस्य च वल्कले R.12.8. -गृहम् an auspicious house or temple. -ग्रहः an auspicious planet. -घटः, -पात्रम् a pot filled with water offered to the gods on festive occasions. -चण्डिका, -चण्डी Name of Durgā; मङ्गलेषु च या दक्षा सा च मङ्गलचण्डिका Brav. P. -छायः the plakṣa tree. -तूर्यम् a musical instrument, such as a trumpet, drum &c, played on festive or auspicious occasions; सुखश्रवा मङ्गलतूर्यनिस्वनाः R.3.19. -देवता an auspicious or tutelary deity. -ध्वनिः an auspicious music (at the time of some festival). -पत्रम् a leaf serving as an amulet. -पाठकः a bard, minstrel, professional panegyrist; आः दुरात्मन् वृथामङ्गलपाठक शैलूषापसद Ve.1. -पुष्पम् an auspicious flower. -पूजित a. honoured with a sacrificial offering. -प्रतिसरः 1 an auspicious cord or string, the auspicious thread worn by a married woman round her neck as long as her husband lives; अन्त्रैः कल्पितमङ्गलप्रतिसराः (अङ्गनाः) Māl.5.18. -2 the cord of an amulet. -प्रद a. auspicious. (-दा) turmeric. -प्रस्थः Name of a mountain. -भेरी a drum beaten on festive occasions. -मात्रभूषण a. decked in auspicious ornaments only, such as the auspicious thread, saffronmark &c.; सितांशुका मङ्गलमात्रभूषणा V.3.12. -मालिका marriage-music. -वचस् n., -वादः a benedictory or congratulatory expression, benediction, blessing. -वादिन् a. expressing blessings or congratulations, wishing joy. -वाद्यम् see मङ्गलतूर्य. -वारः, -वासरः Tuesday. -विधिः 1 a festive or auspicious rite. -2 preparations for a festival. -वृषभः an ox with auspicious signs. -शब्दःgreeting, a benedictory expression. -समालम्भनम् an auspicious unguent. -सूत्रम् see मङ्गलप्रतिसर. -स्नानम् a solemn or auspicious ablution. -स्वरः a sea-shell.

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