mātṛ मातृ

Definition: मातृ f. [मान् पूजायां तृच् नलोपः Uṇ.2.94] 1 A mother; मातृवत् परदारेषु यः पश्यति स पश्यति; सहस्रं तु पितॄन् माता गौरवेणातिरिच्यते Subhāṣ माता किल मनुष्याणां देवतानां च दैवतम् Madhyamavyāyoga 1.37; माता च परमं दैवतं समा च पुत्रेषु इत्येतैरुपबध्यमानो जननीवचनो$वगम्यते ŚB. on MS.1.1.14. -2 Mother as a term of respect or endearment; मातर्लक्ष्मि भजस्व कंचिदपरम् Bh.3.64,87; अयि मातर्देवयजनसंभवे देवि सीते U.4. -3 A cow. -4 An epithet of Lakṣmī. -5 An epithet of Durgā. -6 Ether, sky. -7 The earth. -8 A divine mother; मातृभ्यो बलिमुपहर Mk.1. -9 An epithet of Revatī. -1 Name of several plants; आखुकर्णी, इन्द्रवारुणी and जटामांसी &c. -pl. 1 An epithet of the divine mothers, said to attend on Śiva, but usually on Skanda. (They are usually said to be 8 :-- ब्राह्मी माहेश्वरी चण्डी वाराही वैष्णवी तथा । कौमारी चैव चामुण्डा चर्चिकेत्यष्ट मातरः ॥ or, according to some, only seven :-- ब्राह्मी माहेश्वरी चैव कौमारी वैष्णवी तथा । माहेन्द्री चैव वाराही चामुण्डा सप्त मातरः ॥ Some increase the number to sixteen). -2 Name of eight classes of female ancestors of Manes. -m. 1 A measurer. -2 Ved. A maker, builder, creator. -3 A knower, one having true knowledge. -4 Life or soul (जीव) [cf. L. Mater.] -Comp. -केशटः a maternal uncle. -गणः the collection of the divine mothers. -गन्धिनी an unnatural mother; हनिष्याम्यधुनैवाहं कैकेयीं मातृगन्धिनीम् A. Rām.2.8.7. -गामिन् m. one who has committed incest with his mother. -गोत्रम् a mother's family. -ग्रामः the female sex, womankind. -घातः, -घातकः, -घातिन् m., -घ्नः a matricide. -घातुकः 1 a matricide. -2 an epithet of Indra. -चक्रम् 1 the group of divine mothers. -2 a kind of mystical circle. -ज्ञ a. honouring a mother. -देव a. having a mother for one's god, adoring mother like a god; मातृदेवो भव T. Up.1.11. -दोषः the defect or inferiority of a mother (being of a lower caste); ताननन्तरनाम्नस्तु मातृदोषात् प्रचक्षते Ms.1. 14. -नन्दनः an epithet of Kārtikeya. -पक्ष a. belonging to the mother's side or line. (-क्षः) maternal kinsmen. -पितृ m. (dual) forming मातापितरौ or मातर- पितरौ) parents. -पुत्रौ (मातापुत्रौ) a mother and son. -पूजनम् worship of the divine mothers. -बन्धुः, -बान्धवः a maternal kinsman; मातृबन्धुनिवासिनं भरतम् R.12.12. (-pl.) a class of relatives on the mother's side; they are thus specified:-- मातुः पितुः स्वसुः पुत्रा मातुर्मातुः स्वसुः सुताः । मातुर्मातुलपुत्राश्च विज्ञेया मातृबन्धवः ॥ -भक्तिः devotion to a mother; इमं लोकं मातृभक्त्या ...... ब्रह्मलोकं समश्नुते Ms.2.233. -भावः maternity. -भोगीण a. fit to be enjoyed or possessed by a mother. -मण्डलम् the collection of the divine mothers. -मातृ f. an epithet of Pārvatī. -मुखः, -शासितः a foolish fellow, simpleton. -यज्ञः a sacrifice offered to the divine mothers. -वत्सलः an epithet of Kārtikeya. -वधः the murder of a mother (with Buddhists one of the five unpardonable sins.) -वाहिनी f. a kind of bird; bat. -स्वसृ f. (मातृष्वसृ or मातुःस्वसृ) a mother's sister, a maternal aunt. -स्वसेयः (मातृष्वसेयः) a mother's sister's son. (-यी) the daughter of a maternal aunt; so मातृष्वस्रीयः -या.

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