mārg मार्ग्

Definition: मार्ग् I. 1 P., 1 U. (मार्गति, मार्गयति-ते) 1 To seek, seek for; हृतदारः सह भ्रात्रा पत्नीं मार्गन् स राघवः Mb.3.148.1. -2 To hunt after, chase. -3 To strive to attain, strive after; आत्मोत्कर्षं न मार्गेत परेषां परिनिन्दया । स्वगुणैरेव मार्गेत विप्रकर्षं पृथग्जनात् Subhāṣ. -4 To solicit, beg, ask for; वरं वरेण्यो नृपतेरमार्गीत् Bk.1.12; Y.2.66. -5 To ask in marriage. -6 To seek through, trace out. -II. 1 U. (मार्गयति-ते) 1 To go, move. -2 To decorate, adorn. --With परि to seek, look out for.

Dictionary: Apte
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