māheśasutr माहेशसुत्र्

Definition: the fourteen sutras अइउण्, ऋलृक् etc. which are believed to have been composed by Siva and taught to Paanini, by means of the sounds of the drum beaten at the end of the dance; cf. नृत्तावसाने नटराजराजेा ननाद ढक्कां नवपञ्चवारम् । उद्धर्तुकामः सनकादिसिद्धानेतद्विमशौ शिवसूत्रजालम् Nandikeswara-kaarikaa 1. For details see Vol. VII Vyaakarana Mahaabhaasya, D. E. Society's edition.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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