mātrā मात्रा

Definition: मात्रा 1 A measure; see मात्रम् above. -2 A standard of measure, standard, rule. -3 The correct measure; तस्य मात्रा न विद्यते Mb.13.93.45. -4 A unit of measure, a foot. -5 A moment. -6 A particle, an atom; पृथिवी च पृथिवीमात्रा &c. Praśna Up.4.8. -7 A part, portion; लभेमहि धनमात्रान् Ch. Up.1.1.6; सुरेन्द्रमात्राश्रितगर्भगौरवात् R.3.11. -8 A small portion, a little, trifle, a little quantity, a small measure only; see मात्र (3). -9 Account, consideration; राजेति कियती मात्रा Pt.1.4 'of what account or consideration is a king', i. e. I hold him of no account; कायस्थ इति लध्वी मात्रा Mu.1. -1 Money, wealth, property; शून्यमठिकायां मात्राः समवतार्य Dk.2.8; नक्तंदिनं कक्षा- न्तरात्तां मात्रां न मुञ्चति Pt.1; कथमस्यार्थमात्रा हर्तव्या ibid. -11 (In prosody) A prosodial or syllabic instant, the time required to pronounce a short vowel; गच्छेत् षोडशमात्राभिः Śukra.4.963; एकमात्रो भवेद् ह्रस्वः. -12 An element. -13 The material world, matter. -14 The upper part of the Nāgarī characters. -15 An ear-ring. -16 An ornament; a jewel. -17 A measure of time (in music.). -18 Function of the organs (इन्द्रियवृत्ति). -19 Change (विकार); सन्निवेश्यात्ममात्रासु सर्वभूतानि निर्ममे Ms.1.16. -2 = बुद्धिः; न मात्रामनुरुध्यन्ते Mb.12.27.12. (com. मीयते विषया अनयेति मात्रा बुद्धिः). -Comp. -अङ्गुलम् a measure equal to the middle digit of the middle finger in the right hand of the architect or priest, employed in measuring the sacrificial objects like the kuśa grass or seat, the spout of a ladle, and the ladle &c.; Suprabhedāgama 3.4/5,7/8. -अर्धम् half of a prosodial instant. -गुरु a. (food) heavy on account of its ingredients. -च्युतकम् a kind of artificial composition, getting out another meaning by the omission of a Mātrā; e. g. मूलस्थितिमधः कुर्वन् पात्रैर्जुष्टो गताक्षरैः । विटसेव्यः कुलीनस्य तिष्ठतः पथिकस्य सः ॥ (where the omission of the Mātrā in विट makes the sense applicable to a वट). -छन्दस्, -वृत्तम् a metre regulated by the number of prosodial instants it contains, e. g. the Āryā. -भस्त्रा a money-bag. -लाभ (pl.) acquisition of wealth. -वस्तिः an oily clyster. -संगः attachment to or regard for household possessions or property; प्राणयात्रिकमात्रः स्यान्मात्रासङ्गा- द्विनिर्गतः Ms.6.57. -समकः Name of a class of metres; see App. -स्पर्शः material contact, contact with material elements; मात्रास्पर्शास्तु कौन्तेय शीतोष्णसुखदुःखदाः Bg.2.14; Bhāg.1.6.35.

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