luptanirdiṣṭa लुप्तनिर्दिष्ट

Definition: supposed to be mentioned although not seen or heard in a particular rule, for the sake of bringing about some grammatical operation with a view to arriving at some desired forms; cf. ल्रान्तस्येत्यत्र वकारोऽपि निर्दिश्यते | किं वकारो न श्रूयते | लुप्तनिर्दिष्टो वकारः । M. Bh. on P. I.1.3. Vārt. 10; cf. also M. Bh. on I.3.7, III. 1.44 etc.; also cf. क्ङिति च P. I. 1.5 where the consonant ग् is supposed to be present in the word क्ङिति .

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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