lupta लुप्त

Definition: लुप्त p. p. [लुप्-क्त] 1 Broken, violated, destroyed. -2 Lost, deprived of; सा लुप्तसंज्ञा न विवेद दुःखम् R. 14.56; परिवृतनाभिलुप्तत्रिवलि श्यामस्तनाग्रमलसाक्षि Govardhanāchārya. -3 Robbed, plundered. -4 Dropped, elided, disappeared (in gram.). -5 Omitted, neglected. -6 Obsolete, disused, out of use; see लुप्. -7 Elliptical (as opp. to पूर्ण, in Rhet.). -प्तम् Stolen property, booty. -Comp. -उपमा a mutilated or elliptical simile, i. e. an upamā in which one, two, or even three of the four requisites of a simile are omitted; see K. P.1 under उपमा. -धर्मक्रिय a. excluded or deprived of religious ordinances; नाकन्यासु क्वचिन्नॄणां लुप्तधर्मक्रिया हि ताः Ms. 8.226. -पद a. wanting in words. -पिण्डोदकक्रिय a. deprived of the funeralrites. -प्रतिज्ञ a. one who has broken his promise, faithless, perfidious. -प्रतिभ a. deprived of reason.

Dictionary: Apte
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