lup लुप्

Definition: लुप् I. 4 P. (लुप्यति) 1 To confound, perplex. -2 To be perplexed or confounded. -3 To be suppressed or destroyed. -II. 6 U. (लुम्पति-ते, लुप्त) 1 To break, violate, cut off, destroy, injure; अनुभवं वचसा सखि लुम्पसि N.4.15. -2 To take away, deprive of, rob, plunder. -3 To seize, pounce upon. -4 To elide, suppress, cause to disappear. -Pass. (लुप्यते) 1 To be broken or violated; be lost; तस्य भागो न लुप्यते Ms.9.211. -2 To be elided or lost, to disappear (in gram.). -Caus. (ललोप- यति-ते) 1 To break, violate, infringe, offend against. -2 To omit, neglect. -3 To cause to swerve from; सात्याद् गुरुमललोपयन् R.12.9. -Desid. (लुलुप्सति, लुलोपिषति); freq. लोलुप्यते or लोलोप्ति.

Dictionary: Apte
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