likh लिख्

Definition: (confer, compare the earlier form rikh-) cl.6 P. () likh/ati- (rarely A1. te-; perfect tense lil/ekha- etc.; Aorist alekhīt- ; future lekhitā-, lekhiṣyati- grammar; likhiṣyati- ; infinitive mood lekhitum-,or likhitum- grammar; ind.p. lekhitvā- ; likhitvā- ; -l/ikhya- etc.) , to scratch, scrape, furrow, tear up (the ground) etc. ; to pick, peck (said of birds). ; to scarify, lance ; to produce by scratching etc., draw a line (with or scilicet lekhām-), engrave, inscribe, write, copy, trace, sketch, delineate, paint etc. ; to make smooth, polish ; to graze, touch ; to unite sexually with a female(?) () : Passive voice likhyate- (Aorist alekhi-), to be written : Causal lekhayati- (or likhāpayati-; Aorist alīlikhat-), to cause to scratch or write or copy or paint etc. ; to scratch, lance ; to write, paint : Desiderative lilikhiṣati- or lilekhiṣati- [ confer, compare Greek ; Lithuanian re14kti,"to cut."]